It's October and you know what that means. Soon there will be witches, ghosts and vampires in the woods. Halloween? No, I'm taking about the release of Awake at Dawn, the second book in my Shadow Falls series. October 11 is the big release day, and I can't wait! In Awake at Dawn, Kylie settles in at Shadow Falls Camp with her friends and roomies Della, a vampire, and Miranda, a witch. Not to mention Derek, a hot part Fae who can control her emotions and Lucas, the brooding, bad boy werewolf. Yes, there are some surprises ahead for Kylie and my readers.

Later in October, the rest of us will be surrounded by ghost, vampires, werewolves, and even fairies. And this time I do mean Halloween. (Though I'm sure none of them will be as hot as Lucas or Derek.) We love October 31 in my house. It is fun to put up the decorations and hand out candy to little spider men or princesses. Even our cats and dog get into the spirit of Halloween.

Would somebody PLEASE do something about this pumpkin? He keeps following me around!

No, problem. He won't bother you anymore!

I'll do anything for a treat!


I bet you have some cute photo of your pets. Well, go through those pics, then check my blog at for an exciting, new contest. Remember, I blog every Tuesday.

And to get you ready for Halloween, read Awake at Dawn, to catch up with Kylie and the other supernaturals, where you'll find plenty of chills and thrills.


"I laughed and cried so much while reading this... I loved this book. I read it every chance I could get because I didn't want to put it down." -- Urban Fantasy Investigations on the Shadow Falls series


Step into the world of Shadow Falls, a camp that helps teens tap into their special... talents. Once you visit, you'll never forget it -- and you'll never, ever be the same.

From the moment Kylie Galen arrived at Shadow Falls Camp, she's had one burning question: What am I? Surrounded by vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, fairies, and witches, Kylie longs to figure out her own supernatural identity... and what her burgeoning powers mean. And now she'll need them more than ever, because she's being haunted by a new spirit who insists that someone Kylie knows -- and loves -- will die before the end of the summer. If only she only knew who she was supposed to save. And how...

But giving Kylie the most trouble is her aching heart. Gorgeous werewolf Lucas left camp with another girl, but he's still visiting Kylie in her dreams. And Derek, a sexy half Fae who's always been there for her when she needed him, is pushing to get more serious—and growing impatient, especially when Lucas returns. Kylie knows she needs to decide between the boys, and it's tearing her up inside.

Yet romance will have to wait, because something from the dark side of the supernatural world is hiding in Shadow Falls. It's about to threaten everything she holds dear... and bring her closer to her destiny.


If you haven't seen it, here's the cover for the Taken at Dusk, the third book in the Shadow Falls series. And believe me when I tell you that for all the surprises you find in Awake at Dawn, you'll find even more in Taken at Dusk.


On a personal note... I just want to wish you all a Happy Halloween.




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